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Monthly Meeting of the Directors

The December 14, 2021 meeting is cancelled, we will assess month-to-month to find a new meeting place and consider covid-19 restrictions.

Stop back here for updates or check the monthly newsletter.

Playground Renovation

The playground off of Old Meadow road is closed and will be renovated by Spring 2022 (barring shortage delays and weather delays). All of the equipment (except the swing sets) will be removed and replaced; new benches and a new garbage can have been purchased too! Some of the smaller equipment could be changed from our attached drawing.

Review the proposed new equipment, information and photos here.

We are hoping to add a maintenance free rubber surface in the spring!

Garbage collection day is Monday

Please download and print a revised yearly schedule available here.

We are seeing more residents place garbage out well before Sunday night, please respect the rules and keep our community looking its best at ALL times, thanks for your help.

Board Positions Available

There are two positions that can be filled at the next monthly meeting, anyone interested should submit a letter for the purpose of nomination request or attend the upcoming meeting.

Prospective GHA board members must reside in Glencannon and must be current in monthly dues.

Electronics Recycling Help

You can visit the Washington County web site: Click to go there

Administrative Fee Policy

An administrative fee of $7.00 per month will be charged on ALL past due accounts.

In addition, households that exceed $250 will have an additional 6% per annum finance charge on the balance. GHA can also restrict pool use, revoke voting rights, assess fees, place a lien against the property and foreclose on the homeowner. Call today for your balance: (724) 745-4911

ACC Policy

We recently published a brief description of the ACC Policy for clarification to residents. You can review the letter by clicking here and you can review the ACC Policy by clicking here.


There have been incidents of vandalism throughout Glencannon and McClelland Farms. Please be sure to report any and all property damage and suspicious activity to the police so they have adequate evidence to convict these culprits. Please be sure to have your exterior lights on at night and parents ... KNOW where your children are at ALL TIMES! When they are caught, they will prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Attorney fee policy

Residents who fail to pay the monthly $43 assessment for five months or more can expect an official warning letter from Glencannon Homes Association. Failure to respond will result in a letter from the Glencannon Attorney and a $100 letter drafting fee will be added to the amount owed. Homeowners that force the Attorney file a lien on their property (for lack of payment) will also have those fees added to their account.

Lamp Posts

Residents of Hunting Creek Road (and all who have them), please turn your lamp post on at night.

Parents and guardians, please know where your children are at all times.

Electronics Recycling Law

Desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, televisions, and any components of such devices may no longer be disposed in Pennsylvania with municipal waste.

Most Goodwill stores will accept working computers and electronics for recycling with no charge however, Goodwill stores will no longer accept televisions for recycling.

If you would like to have your photos of Glencannon published on this website, please e-mail them to:


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